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We want you!

Like what we're doing here? Want to contribute? Think you can do a better job?

Well, why don't you give it a shot, boot?

Here's the skinny, dirt hopper:

We need writers, reporters, contributors, artists, and people with at least an ASVAB of 35 and a taste for the yellow crayons.

Jokes aside, if you'd like to contribute and you know a thing or two about a thing or two, then submit your CV via email (link at bottom).


- At least 3 years in uniform in the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, or even the <shudders> Coast Guard.

- Active, Reserve, Guard, Retired... we aren't terribly picky.

- Male, Female, Gorilla... don't matter.

- Officer, Warrant, Enlisted... again, we don't give a fig.

- A love for SciFi/Fantasy that involves military themes.

- The ability to translate the above affection into something productive; writing, voice work, art, web design... surprise us, but tell us what you want to contribute. We may not have any openings, but we'll let you know.

- Tell us what you want as your callsign

- We need proof, however. Don't send us a shitty xerox of your DD214. We don't need/want that. Instead give us your best Apone! Either (A) in uniform or (B) as that nasty ass civilian you've become, but include your most Motarded, boot-ass photo as well. Just "Do the Apone" so we know it's recent and just for us.

A. In uniform B. Out of uniform with accompanying uniform pic



Subject: You Want Me! (No really, make sure this in the subject so we see it!)


Name: I.M. Smuckatelli

eMail: (if preferred different than the one you're sending it from)

Service: (USMC, USAF, etc)

Years of service: (eg: 2004-current)

Favorite Military Fiction: (Star Wars, StarGate, LOTR, the Punisher, whatever!)

Desired Callsign: the Frankinator (try not to be super stupid with this, FartNocker69 will probably not endear you to us.)

Contributions: Audio editing, news correspondent (whatever you can do for us)


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