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Star Wars Celebration 2019

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Although none of us got to go, that doesn't mean we didn't play along with the home game. Celebration this year was a mad twist of insanity with a boatload of promises that we all hope to have pay off. There were movies, tv shows, celebs, fans, and more merch than you could shake a Visa at. It's probably better for my bank account that I didn't get to go.

Episode 9 - the Rise of Skywalker

Hard to tell what stole the show more, this or the Mandalorian. But with an hour-long panel and a brain-blowing 2-minute teaser, no one walked away the same. Nate has a few theories about what it all means, but we will keep the spoilers and speculation away from this article. You can hear him fan-boy out pretty hard here on his reaction cast. Hopes are high that the 9th and final film will tie EVERYTHING together and improve upon the overall tone of the sequel trilogy…and possibly the entire saga.

Clone Wars Season 7

Clone Wars had a release-to-video Season 6 (aka the Lost Missions), but they are officially back to wrap up Filoni's original vision for the series. We're getting the Battle of Mandalore, the Bad Batch, Maul, and more Ashoka. Clone Wars was hands down the best of the animated series (Rebels was still amazing, but CW was the shiz) and we're here to get more.

the Mandalorian/Disney+

With a starting price of only $7, it will be hard to say "no" to the new Disney+ streaming service. Especially with all the new Star Wars and Marvel content they will be churning out over the next few years. First out the gate for Star Wars is the Mandalorian (followed shortly by the Cassian Andor spy series). What was seen (and what later leaked) looks breathtaking, gritty, and amazing. It's a live action shmorgasboard of the seedy Star Wars underbelly that we've always wanted. The cast looks great, the feel is very OG trilogy, and the production quality feels like it's at the Game of Thrones level.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge A fool and his money are soon parted and some of us are fools for Star Wars. Well Disney has pulled out all the stops on this roadshow. With not only a massively interactive park on the way, but customized trinkets (lightsabers & holocrons), drinks, and more merch than you could ever afford; the fanbase will be that much lighter in their wallets. Don't expect to get anywhere near it for a few years, even with the park opening later this year. Crowds will be a bear for at least the next five years sadly.

Jedi - Fallen Order

Video game fans have been mostly disappointed over the past few years, since EA took over. We've had two rehashes of the Battlefront series that no one asked for (the campaign in BF2 was a small, but stunning concession) and a smattering of marginal mobile games (GoH being the shining star there). It sounds like they heard the rage and we're getting a single-player only story-based game. Respawn Entertainment is at the helm and the team includes folks who worked on the KotOR series. We've been promised no lootboxes or multiplayer. The only minor gripe I have is a lack of character customization.

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