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Podcasting across the Universe

...we're always going forward, 'cause we can't find the reverse.

So far we've come up with five different types of productions we're going to offer. So far only four have made it out to the public. Each show format will have a specific type of badge to go with it to assist you, the listener in easy identification:

Standard Show - Once every two weeks or so (work and life permitting), we'll pump out a normal show. These will typically be about an hour in length and tend to take the most post-production. They'll cover (typically) one or two main topics and follow an agenda or plan of sorts. Expect 2-4 hosts and too much laugher and cometary. A circular badge with a number and possibly an image related to the topic(s). These will maintain a normal number sequence of Episode 001, Episode 002, etc. We'll decide if we're doing seasons, if we survive.

Tales from the Blotter - These are our skits. Humorous jabs at the universes we discuss. If you're not familiar with the stories, you may be lost, but never fear, these are just there to fill the space in-between shows and won't ever be too terribly long. For those not in the know, a blotter is a police report and even the military has them. It's the thing you don't want to wake up and find yourself or one of your troops on. Badge is bit of a squished hexagon (because a true hexagon doesn't fit in a square parameter...) with the letters "TftB" and some cue to the universe it takes place in. Not numbered, just at random.

PRPG NEWS - Where reality and fiction start to blur. A short (10-20min) news serial with topics related to military scifi and where it bleeds over. Either real world military news items emerging from scifi concepts, media news, or just weird sh*t that's somehow related. Real news, not fake in these aren't the skits you're looking for (leave that to TftB). Again, filler between episodes or if some really interesting stuff happens. A square badge with the month of release (maybe the date if we do multiple in a month?). Not numbered, as the news breaks.

After Action Report - More filler between episodes, these are (10-30min) tactical analysis... (analyses?) of some of the most iconic scifi battles out there. Why did the Federation die at Wolf359? Where was the Imperial air support on Hoth? Would the Rebellion really survive longer against those Star Destroyers? A heptagonal (like that? We're getting fancy) badge with a triangle backing. No numbers, just the letters "AAR" and some clue as to what battle we're discussing. FOB Theater - These will be difficult to do and we're working to coordinate. Think of it as a cross between MST3K and DVD Commentary. Meant to be listened to while watching a particular movie.

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