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FOB Theater - ALIENS 1986 Theatrical Release

Recording Date: 7 April

Release Date: 21 April

Hosts: Nate & Beli

Start your movie at 25s into the cast

DO NOT Listen to this without the movie! There is a lot of dead air and it will not make sense without the movie playing. 

Our first FOB Theater. NSFW content! Beli and Nate review the theatrical cut of 1986's ALIENS.  Again there is no audio from the film, it's designed as an MST3K/Commentary track for the film.  The ONLY external audio is the 20thFOX fanfare so you can sync it up to the movie.  Alternatively, just press play at 25s into the recording. 

Nate & Beli hook and jab at one of the hands-down best Military SciFi movies of all time. We talk about the weapons, the bad decisions, the creepy shit, and what we'd do different. Might even have been some creative investigation/retconning of the mission conditions.

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