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Episode 007 - RealTech Drones & Robots

Updated: May 12, 2019

Recorded: 17 April 2019

Released: 11 May 2019

Hosts: Nate, Helo Jay, Poppa Bear

Bit of a technical deep dive into drones and then a bit on robots and autonomous warfare. Both PoppaBear and Helo Jay both have a lot of extensive personal experience with drones and it made for some enlightening stories. You may notice some small chops in areas, abrupt shifts. While we've never broached protocol and let something classified slip, sometimes we do go down what's called "sensitive" lane and prefer to just cut it. Like my old S-3 used to say tho, "Doesn't matter to me if I ever get captured, I'll spill everything. Nothing I know, you can't find on Wikipedia." - Nate

Air Drones:

Robot Submarines

Ground Robots


- Jeff Carlisle Warp Core Café Poster

- Love, Death, + Robots on Netflix (NSFW)


Transformers © 1984 Hasbro

Terminator © 1991 TriStar

Monty Python © 1975 Monty Python

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