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Episode 001 - Our First Episode

Air Date: 9/16/18 Episode Rating: PG-13 Hosts: Nate & Poppa Bear

Here we go with our nearly non-sequitur first episode where two of our hosts bang out some trifle chatter about "what is Military SciFi" and why are we doing this. Slight crass language warning. R2 bleeped the curses, but you shouldn't listen to this at church or work. ;)

02:53 - Is Star Trek really military? 04:35 - Klingon Military advisors 09:50 - SciFi influence on our life 14:06 - Robotech, it's not that kind of anime 21:30 - Space Above and Beyond, one expensive DVD set 24:21 - Space STDs 30:53 - Space Coasties & the Village People 33:51 - Starship Troopers Boobies 38:10 - Spaceballs is the In the Army Now of Military SciFi 42:25 - Star Wars as a war movie 48:40 - Space Force & Space Shuttle Door Gunners

Archer : Fox © 2009 Star Trek TOS: NBC/Paramount of ©1966 Futurama :Fox ©1999 Ice Pirates :MGM ©1984 Spaceballs :MGM ©1987 #Episode #podcast

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