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AAR - SG1 - s2e8 - Family

Updated: May 13, 2019

Friendly Composition

  • 4 US SOF (SG1)

  • 3 Local Insurgents (Jaffa Rebels)

Enemy Composition

  • Apophis’ Jaffa Forces (unknown composition)

SG Template: MilOps (SAR/Extraction)

Bra'tac, one of my favorite “wise old mentor” archetypes, shows up and dumps some bad news, prompting Teal’c and SG1 return to Chulak to rescue Rya'c who has been taken by Apophis.

This time SG1 dresses to infiltrate and launches knockout gas ahead of themselves, maybe they caught flak from their military advisors for the prior episode (s2e6 – Thor’s Chariot). Definitely there is a more tactical, infiltration mindset approach to the episode with SG1 trying to draw less attention. That said, even if they picked up the gas canisters, the Jaffa at the gate would likely sound the alarm and house to house searching would happen prior to what triggers it later. SG1 to their credit keep the garb of their enemy a sound cover and use Jaffa weapons.

We soon discover Teal’c’s son Rya’c is severely Stockholm, but probably due to some advanced Gao’uld brainwashing techniques. I can’t blame Teal’c for not giving up on his kid. Don’t know many parents who would. The reliance on the “growing” (now 3 strong?) Jaffa Rebel Underground fails when Fro’tak turns on them…fucking Jodie motherfucker. On that note, I’m still in disbelief that Bra’tac never got “outed” as a rebel even this early.

Multiple fails on the extract lead to an eventual ambush of a small guard detachment and gate-out, despite Jack’s well placed suspicion and trepidation. The only reason they succeeded despite probably overwhelming enemy forces is they were never forced to engage anything other than small guard elements. Tips a nod at Goa’uld dedication to deceit and subterfuge, through multiple attempts at their own infiltration and hidden surprises. Guess they loved them Trojan horses. Rya’c is part petulant 9 year old, part enemy sleeper agent. Fairly believable for any parent of a 9 year old boy. Fortunately, Teal’c’s baby momma caught on when they went to medical, like all good military wives, she had the kid’s medical records memorized. Bio-weapon neutralized. Child therapy and deprograming techniques step in to save the kid.

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