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AAR - SG1 - s1e1&2 - Children of the Gods

Updated: May 12, 2019

Started Stargate SG1 over again,  was on in the background while working on some other stuff for the podcast and figured it deserved an AAR.

Friendly Composition

  • SGC squad "SpecOps", later becomes basis for SG1 & SG2

  • 12-24 local insurgents

  • 1 defector (Mah man Teal'c, easily one of my favorites and best character developed aliens ever)

  • 30+ civilian prisoners

Enemy Composition

  • 1 General (Anubis/apohis) & Command ship

  • Half-dozen commanders (sub-system lord Ga'ould?)

  • Company's worth of Jaffa (assumed, we never see more than a platoon) armed with powerful, but inaccurate energy weapons

  • A flight of death gliders (again, assumed… we seldom see more than 3-4, budget issues) In later episodes, it appears a squadron or two is a typical Hat'ak compliment

Synopsis: Pilot episode, where we are reintroduced to the events of the Stargate movie. MacGuiver becomes LtCol Jack "with two Ls" O'Neill. They had some solid USAF backing so they aren't horribly bad with inaccuracy. (Their salutes get better over time).  Nate discusses the accuracies and issues he has, but overall - much love for SG1!  There's plenty good to go over, but as always some bad and ugly. Also covered: How Nate would reshape the SG-teams around a more flexible 6-body core. 

SG-1 behaved more like a frontline SoF unit… granted still a lot of "TV tactics". Which we still see today, despite the hundreds of thousands of vets folks could hire for advisors… again. SG1 wasn't that bad with it, better than most and hands above nearly all at the time. Biggest plot point of the episode besides re-establishing the franchise was Teal'c the defector which is not something unheard of. Happened sometimes during major conflicts or hostile tensions, typically when intelligence or counter-ops agencies are working to flip folks.

Lot of good USAF Military input/advisory which helped, the USAF loved this show and

Still a lot of stuff that was "off" but forgiven because it was enjoyable. Like the conference room sequence was more like something you'd see in the USMC or USArmy, the USAF and USN really love their brainy types. Big Dick posturing was amusing.

Also, that another thing. Something you also see in SAAB, is this mega-Marine, in this case mega-Airman… while even in the Corps you have pilot embeds in infantry units (FACs - Forward Air Controllers) you don't see pilots cross-trained as pure infantry. The DoD dumps millions and 18-30 months into training a pilot. You don't put that on frontline combat on a whim. Again… forgiven, but it's touched off that Kawalsky, Carter, and Jack are all pilots

USAF in combat is also a super rarity. They have some high-speed low drag PJs and Forward Air guys and gals, but it's this super tiny sliver of the branch. I'd say the Marine Teams SG3, SG5 and the later Russian and Army teams were more realistic.

"FuFu" is the word of the day. Also, if you listened to it in the first day, there were some errors that Nate goes back to address quickly (Called Apophis, Anubis and the Death Glider is a bit sketchy). 

The SG-Team x6-core concept

  • Team Lead (LtCol/Maj minimum as we are dealing with on the spot strategic decisions that impact global relations)

  • Team Ops (Maj/Capt) - In charge of security, posture

  • Combat A (SNCO) - Light Gun, Scout, Linguistics

  • Combat B (SNCO/NCO) - Heavy Weapons, Demolitions

  • Medic/Corpsman (NCO/JrE) - G'doy. Folks are always getting hurt

  • Science (Civ) - Gotta have the science: Terp, culturalist, archaeologist

  • +1/2 for specific mission roles (More ass for a combat unit, more scientists for research teams, etc)

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