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Legal Disclaimer

Pulse Rifles and Plasma Grenades is an independent media group comprised of Veterans (and occasionally friends and family).  We are not endorsed or associated with the DoD or any Federal or Local agency. Any views expressed are those of the individuals and not of the larger group. We claim no ownership of any of the intellectual property (IP) contained within, unless expressly stated. Any IP belonging to a major media company (eg: Disney, MGM, Paramount, etc) is retained by the parent organization. Any requests for removal of any content will be instantly honored when passed through official channels. Any media content used is for the purposes of review or parody and protected by such laws. At the end of the day, we're just some a-holes having fun, but come to us with honesty and integrity and we'll respect your wishes. 

Media, Emails, & Whatnot



General -

  • Marc W - USMC [EMAIL]
    Producer, Content Director, Editor

  • Nate Parker - USMC [EMAIL
    Writer, Content Developer, Website

  • "Papa Bear" - USArmy [EMAIL]
    Host, Contributor

  • "Helo" Jay - USMC [EMAIL]
    Host, Contributor

  • "Beli"/Drew - USMC [EMAIL]
    Contributor, PR

  • "Manchild" - USMC [EMAIL]
    News Anchor, Contributor

  • "JV" - USAF [EMAIL] 
    News Anchor, Contributor

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